Quincy is the Third Member of the Little Einsteins who loves instruments like his Violin, Trumpet, and other instruments. He's Originally Voiced by Kayla. But when he gets Angry, His Voice Changes to Eric. And when he gets Sick, His voice changes to Vixen. He wares a Yello and Green shirt, blue pants, red shoes, and a red and blue cap.

Quincy sounds like Dora the Explorer because Dora and Quincy are Voiced by Kayla. And also Louise from Max &amp: Ruby was voiced by Kayla.

When Quincy gets Grounded, He crys, says no, or says Why does this always happen?. Jest like June and Leo does.

Quincy sometimes notes that when one of his friends get Grounded, For Example: "Annie gets Grounded for Going Back in Time Part 3", He would find out that Annie would get Grounded for doing that.


Quincy - Musician Voice - Kayla Angry Voice - Eric Sick Voice - Vixen Figure - Boy Figure

Quincy would be Grounding his friends also on GoAnimate.