Leo - Conductor Voice - Belle Angry Voice - Kidaroo Sick Voice - Kendra Figure - Boy Figure

Leo is one of the Little Einsteins that likes to Conduct. He wares a black shirt with an orange stripe in the center and wares orange shorts and white and orange shoes and socks. He also wares green glasses. and he also has red hair.

Sometimes in some GoAnimate Videos when Leo gets Grounded for Example: Leo Taunts at Annie and gets Grounded. When Leo gets Grounded, Sometimes he would cry or say no or say Why does this always happend.

Leo is Originally Voiced by Belle. When Leo gets Angry, His voice changes to Kidaroo. And when Leo gets Sick, His Voice changes to Kendra.

Sometimes Leo also Grounds his friends if they get Grounded. For Example: "Leo Grounds Annie for Grounding Vivaldi". That would be one of the reasons when Leo grounds his friends for doing bad things.

And sometimes Leo does something bad to his friends a lot on GoAnimate.