June is another member of the Little Einsteins that likes to Dance. And she's also a Ballerina herself. Sometimes when June gets Grounded, She would cry, say no, or say Why does this always happened?, Jest like Leo does. She wares a purple ballerina dress with red shoes, a pink headband, and earrings. She sometimes like to dance through Gardens such as Tulips

And June is Originally voiced by Emma. But when she gets Angry, Her voice changes to Princess. But when she gets Sick, Her voice changes to Amy.

Sometimes when things don't go in June's way, She would tell the Good Users to stop making Videos out of her on YouTube and she rules and the good users suck.

For Example: "June gets Mad at Everyone at School and gets Grounded", That would happen sometimes in June's life.

When June sometimes gets Ungrounded for doing the right thing, for example: "June and Quincy performs in a concert while Ungrounded". She would get Ungrounded. And sometimes she would Ground her friends sometimes For Example: "Annie gets Grounded for Going Back in Time Part 3", She would Ground her for doing that on GoAnimate.


June - Dancer Voice - Emma Angry Voice - Princess Sick Voice - Amy Figure - Girl Figure